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B Series – Milton Roy Electronic Dosing Pump

Key Specification Features

  • Electronically Operated Mechanically Actuated Diaphragm
  • Solid state encapsulated electronics
  • Compact size
  • Light weight
  • Low Maintenance
  • High Precision ball and seats for reliable sealing
  • Manual stroke length control adjustable while running
  • Manual/Automatic speed control adjustable while running or stopped
  • Steady State Accuracy of +-2%
  • Tolerance on Max.capacity 0 to +25%
  • Repeatability +-5%
  • Composite PTFE faced Hypalon Diaphragm for longer life.
  • Electro Magnetic Drive: Less moving parts.
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Liquid end material of construction in PP, PVC,PVDF, SS316
  • Suction lift 1.5 mwc max.

Typical Dosing Pump Models:


Model No.: B-11, B-71 & B-91: (Max.Flow:6.0 LPH@10.0 Kg/cm2)

Model No.: B-12,B-72 & B-92: (Max.Flow:9.5 LPH@7.0 Kg/cm2)

Model No.: B-13,B-73 & B-93: (Max.Flow:17.0 LPH@3.5 Kg/cm2)


  • Drive details: Electromagnetic Power Unit (EPU) 230V,50Hz. Single Phase AC
  • Max. Speed: 100 SPM
  • Discharge end Connection 1/2″ NPT(M)
  • Model Suffix “L” comes with Milton Roy Standard Float Type Level Switch with in-built pump trip Eg: A13L
  • Optional: Unique Four Fuction Valve (FFV) for Positive Anti-syphon, Priming Aid, back pressure, pressure relief available on all pumps exept “V” Series and D-14 Models and pumps with rated pressure 2 Kg/cm2
  • A-79 to A-73 / B-71 to B-73 / D-70 to D-74: Instrument responsive pumps will accept modulated frequency signal.
  • A-99 to A-93 / B-91 to B-93 / D-90 to D-94: Instrument responsive pumps will accept 4-20mA signal.
  • Pumps are provided with Foot Valve, Anti-syphon Valve and 3 meters LDPE tubing. Y strainer optional instead of Foot Valve.
  • Power Consumption:
    • Approx. 40Watts for A & V models
    • Approx. 75Watts for B models.
    • Approx. 100Watts for D models
  • For “V” Series pumps speed control is not availble.
  • “V” Series pump is available in “PP” (Liquid end MOC) only.
  •  Foundation details: For A, V, B, D use four numbers 5mm screws in slots provided