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IVGLC Globe valve

Cast Steel Glove Valve


The IVGLC range of globe valves incorporates state of the art design features to provide a rugged construction, reliable operation and long life. These valves are suitable for normal services to most belligerent applications covering all segments of the process industries including oil & gas, refineries, petro chemicals, fertilizers, power plants and common utilities. An ideal valve for the flow isolation as well as flow regulation duty.


Our valves can be provided with special features like water sealed gland for vacuum service, bypass arrangements for pressure balancing, special cleaning for oxygen service, multi-start spindle for low effort operation, extended spindle / bonnet for pit mounted / low temperature service &  NACE compliant materials for sour service in petroleum industries, etc.


The valves can be provided with a motor operation wherever required. The high pressure range incorporates a pressure sealed bonnet design for reliable scaling.



Conformity to Codes & Standards:


Design ASME B 16.34 / BS1873 / IBR
Pr. & Temp Rating ANSI B 16.34
Face to Face & End to End Dimensions ASME B 16.10 (upto 18″)
Flange Ends ASME B 16.5
Butt Weld Ends ASME B 16.25
Testing API 598 / EN 12266 PART 1 (BS 6755 PART 1)




 Technical Specifications:



API 600
Trim No.
Nominal Trim Material Type Stem Body Seating Surface Wedge Seating Surface Back Seat
1 F6 600 13% Cr 13% Cr
4 Hard F6 Hardfaced with 13% Cr Steel 13% Cr Hardfaced with 13% Cr
5 Hardfaced Hardfaced with Co-Cr-W Alloy 13% Cr Hardfaced with Stellite 6
8 F6 & Hardfaced 13% Cr Steel & Hardfaced with Co-Cr-W Alloy 13% Cr Stellite 6 13% Cr Stellite 6 /
13 % Cr


Recommended Body/Bonnet & Trim Material For High Temperature Services (Water/Steam)


Temperature Body / Bonnet Materials API Trim No.
Up to 800 0F (427 0C) A 216 Gr. WCB, A 217 Gr. WC6, A 217 Gr. WC9 1, 4, 5, 8
Above 800 0F (427 0C)
Up to 1000 0F (540 0C)
A 217 Gr.WC6,
A 217 Gr.WC9
5 & 8
Above 1000 0F (540 0C) A 217 Gr.WC6,
A 217 Gr.WC9
Note: Other Trim Materials are also available as per API 600, consult factory.



  Sr. # Part Name
1 Body
2 Disc
3 Seat
4 Stem
5 Bonnet
6 Hardwares
7 Packing
8 Gland
9 Gland Flange
10 Yoke Sleeve
11 Hand Wheel
12 Hand Wheel Nut
13* Seal Ring
14* Retaining Ring
15* Bearing










Key Features:


  • The product designs are in accordance to ASME B16.34 / BS 1873 / IBR with reliable sealing & sturdy construction to ensure excellent performance.
  • Outside screw & Yoke (OS & Y) construction.
  • Back Seat arrangement to provide isolation of stuffing box for on-line serviceability.
  • All trim material available as per API 600..
  • Pressure sealed bonnet for ASME #900 and above to provide excellent sealing against increased line pressure.
  • Self aligning disc is provided for proper sealing.
  • Full range of Body / Bonnet & Trim material available.
  • Valve Bypass / Deep stuffing box arrangement optionally available.
  • Valves are available in Flange End & Butt Weld End connections (Other end connections can be provided on request).
  • Gear / Electrical operator can be provided if required.
  • Locking arrangement can be provided with hand wheel / Gear operator, if required.
  • Position indicator / limit switches for ON-OFF indication provided on request.
  • Parabolic disc can be provided on request.

Specifications & Dimensions are subject to change without prior notice